Printing on canvas is a great way to display images, photographs, or reproduction of paintings to give them an authentique look and feel.

Product Specs.

Sizes: 12X24, 12X36, 12X48, 12x60, 24X24, 24X36, 24X48, 24X60, 36X36, 36X48, 48X48, 48X60, 60X24, 60X36, 72X12, 72X24, 72X36, 72X48, 84X12, 84X24, 84X36, 84X48, 96X12, 96X24, 96X48, 96X36, 96X48 
Colour: Full colour on 1 side (front only) 4/0
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Quantities: Ranges from 1 to 10
Coating Options: 
No coating   
Turnaround: 2-4 business days for production. Shipping time depends on shipping method and location.

Wrap:  A 1 inch wrap can be given to wrap the canvas on a frame.

12 X 241C$ 24.50 C$ 22.05
2C$ 38.79 C$ 34.91
3C$ 53.09 C$ 47.78
4C$ 67.38 C$ 60.64
5C$ 81.68 C$ 73.51
6C$ 95.99 C$ 86.39
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TotalC$ 24.50 C$ 22.05
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